The Best Of The Special Ones CD

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The Best Of The Special Ones CD

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Long Awaited Best Of For Aussie National Treasure Missy Higgins!

Missy Higgins on 'The Special Ones – Best Of:'

"To me, songs can be "special ones” for lots of reasons. Usually, they're the ones that get the biggest reaction at gigs, the ones that most connect with people, the ones that seem to have touched on some universal truth. They're the hooky ones you can sing out loud in the shower while no one's watching and imagine you're in a stadium. But some are special for other reasons. They're the ones that unexpectedly squeeze at your heart. They move you in a way you find hard to articulate, they roll to the rhythm of some internal beat you knew was there but couldn't quite express. This album tries to balance these two types of Special. I hope you enjoy it and, while listening, I hope you're taken back to some special place in your memory you'd forgotten about. Musical time travel. And for the new songs on here you haven't heard, maybe you can make some new memories. Special Ones, particular to just you. Happy listening! Missy xx”

Track List:

1. Arrows
2. All For Believing (Original Demo)
3. Scar
4. Ten Days
5. The Special Two
6. Steer
7. Where I Stood
8. Peachy
9. Unashamed Desire
10. Everyone's Waiting
11. Set Me On Fire
12. Shark Fin Blues
13. NYE
14. Futon Couch
15. 49 Candles
16. Cemetery
17. Oh Canada
18. Throw Your Arms Around Me (Live At ANZ Stadium, Sydney 2018)
19. Torchlight
20. Run So Fast